Let's Go Slow
Let's Go Slow
A Slow Adventure blog

Let's Go Slow for better travels!

We started this blog to share our love for slow adventure, shifting our focus away from time and adrenalin to honesty and authenticity.
Our goal is to truly experience a place through food, location, skill and people. 
Hopefully we'll inspire you to do the same. 

Slow Adventure Mark


I'm from Scotland, and have lived for several years in Norway. I've worked in IT over the last 14 years, and more recently turned to nature to better balance work with personal life.

I love exploring connections between nature and people. For me, slow adventure is a means to escape into our natural environment to explore, reflect and learn from our natural home.

Slow Adventure Thea


I am a photographer and filmmaker from Norway, currently working on a short documentary about the Faroe Islands called: Faroetale

I believe in slow adventures because it gives me the chance to connect with a place, its people, or culture before I photograph or film somewhere new. I hope that this connection makes me a better person, photographer and film maker. 

All the text, pictures and film are made by us, unless otherwise noted.