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Faroetale is a short documentary film
about the Faroe Islands

Country of shooting: Faroe Islands

Spoken language: Danish and Norwegian / Scandinavian

Director: Thea Hermansen

Producer: Christian Falch for Gammaglimt AS

Estimated release: November 2017


Experiencing your homeland through someone else, makes you see things differently. 

At the core of Faroetale there is a conversation between the Faroese man Ólavur Hátun and filmmaker Thea Hermansen. This interview is based on a landscape movie from the Faroe Islands that they watch together. How will Òlavur see and describe this familiar scenery, and how will his stories of loss and love be connected to the native geography of his past and present?

Through Òlavur's personal reflections, we also become better acquainted with the Faroe Islands. The seductive landscape, life's joys and tragedies.


We are finished filming and are currently working on financing the post production. If your company is interested in sponsoring our film please contact us here: 

I hope you will follow my progress with Faroetale on www.letsgoslow.com. Check out some behind the scenes blog post from the Faroe Islands below: