Campfire chocolate cake

Slow food can be many things. It might be freshly caught fish from a local fisherman, a salad from the garden, or a menu at a fancy restaurant using local traditions. It can also be: slow cooked food on a campfire or a stew cooked with love for many hours. The "slow food movement" defines slow food as food that is produced or prepared in accordance with local culinary traditions, typically using high-quality, locally sourced ingredients. In this post we are taking you along on a trip where we baked a lovely orange-chocolate cake on the campfire. The ingredients were not locally sourced (it was from the local shop), but the process was slow and we applied a lot of love. 

Chocolate cake mix and oranges. You also need some oil if you are cheating and using a mix like us. 

Chocolate cake mix and oranges. You also need some oil if you are cheating and using a mix like us. 

Choose a cake mix you love

This outdoor dessert can be made with any chocolate cake recipe and some oranges (+aluminum foil).  It does not have to be a chocolate cake recipe, a muffin recipe is also nice. We also swapped some of the cake-liquids with the orange juice from the oranges and we included some of the nice orange pulp. 

Do most of the preparations at home

It's clever to prepare as much as possible at home before leaving. This saves you having to clean the dishes in the middle for the forest. Ether prepare the finished oranges with the cake mix inside aluminum foil, or pour the cake mix into a big soda bottle. This makes it easy to transport and to finish the cake later. In this case we would also recommend that you prepare the oranges at home.

Camp Fire Chocolate cake recipe

1 cake mix (bought or made, does not matter)
1 orange per person

Aluminum foil for wrapping the oranges. 

How to

Cut the top of the Orange.

Scrape out the fruit from the oranges and save the juice and pulp in a cup. This juice can be used to give the cake mix a touch of orange and the pulp is a lovely treat for the chef. Leave some of the pulp inside the orange, to flavour the cake as it cooks. 

Fill the empty orange half way up and put the top back on. 

Wrap in Aluminum foil and cook on embers for 30 min. Turn them now and then. 

Freshly baked campfire chocolate cake 

Freshly baked campfire chocolate cake