Fishing for sea trout at Fámjin

My hands were covered in silvery, pink, shiny, sparkling fish scales. This slow adventure turned out to be everything but slow, as I caught my first sea trout!


Traveling from Torshavn to Suðuroy with Smyril

This weekend's adventure started at Torshavn harbour 12.30 on a friday. We took the “Smyril” - that used to go between Scotland and the Faroe Islands - to the most southern Island called: Suðuroy. The ferry takes about two hours and into the port of Tvørøyri. From there we drove over the mountain and down to Famjin. A wonderful little village squeezed in between the Atlantic ocean and high mountains. There's a small café, a church, about 50 houses and a lot of sheep. We stayed two nights in this lovely little village. The beach in Famjin is covered with round stones, but further out it is mostly sand. This combined with the river that flows out on this beach, makes it the perfect place to catch sea trout.

Washing the trouts before cooking them in the smoker 

Washing the trouts before cooking them in the smoker 

Catching my first sea trout

I have never fished for sea trout before, and to my big surprise I managed to catch two fish on our first night in this magical place. We caught them on lures. The little silver trout lures with red dots.

We needed to celebrate the catch with celebrational Faroese beers: Föroya Bjór Organic Light and Föroya Bjór IPA.

Warm-smoked sea trout dinner

The fish was cooked in a travel sized smoke oven. It is a very nice way to cook freshly caught fish. The meat peels off the bone and gets a delicate smokey taste.
We seasoned the fish with thin slices of lime, fresh parsley, salt and pepper.

To make things a bit easier, we pre-cooked some potatoes before we left, and just heated them on the storm cooker, together with parsley and tomatoes.

Photo gallery describing how we smoked the fish

Hoping to repeat the success

On our last day of this weekend adventure we hoped for a re-run of the success from the day before. But unfortunately there was a very cute, curious and hungry seal that scared all the fish away. We ended up having sweet potato mash for dinner that day.