Puffin surprise

Maybe we weren't paying attention, or maybe we just didn't check out all the tourist information before going. But we did not know that we would meet thousands of puffins on Mykines!


What a place. It is the most westerly island in Faroe and at the very tip of the island there is a lighthouse which is the most western point in the Faroe Islands. From that lighthouse you have an insane view of all of Mykines and all the other islands further east. It is a sight we will never forget.

Breathtaking landscape and the sound of seabirds 

We didn't really know a lot before we sat in the car racing to get to the ferry (which we of course missed, but they were really nice and we got a place on the next boat). And nothing would have prepared us for the landscape you see emerging in the distance when you are on that boat. It was just breathtaking. Black and green rocks rising straight out of the sea! And then the Puffins and other seabirds swooping around the boat catching fish for their youngsters.

Stay the night and go hiking in the evening

We stayed two nights in the local camping place, for 50 kr a night. We really recommend spending the night in a place like that, because if you like you can go for an evening hike and you don't have to walk together with all the other tourists. The nature feels even bigger when you're alone.

Mark watching Puffins sitting on a cliff. 

Mark watching Puffins sitting on a cliff. 

Or, you are not alone, but alone from other people

The sky is full of swooping Arctic tern, gliding Gannets and flapping Puffins! I have never experienced a more charming bird or wild animal, than the Puffin. They are not afraid of humans and with there adorable "sorry eyes" you can't not love them. We sat in the grass watching them for a few hours, and when we sat there minding our own business, they didn't seem to be bothered by our presence at all. It was an unbelievable experience!

Watch the Let's Go Slow video of two Puffins coming and going