Two days ago we bought five posters, with all the plants, birds, sheep and fish on the islands. It is a lot of fun looking at different plants or animals in nature and to actually know their name. Today is one of those foggy days where you can only see about 30 meters ahead. We weren't ready to go exploring any mountains in such conditions, so we decided to put the fish poster to good use and went sea fishing! The result was a Common dab. Not a spectacular name, but still a tasty fish.

Exploring new places in thick fog

We drove around the fjord (Skálafjørður) and on to the other side.  From there we continued around the headland and ended up on a pier between Morskranes and Selatrað. It was our first time on this side of the Island and to our disappointment the fog got more and more heavy as we drove. Not a good day for sightseeing, but there is something very strange and beautiful about the sea when there is a heavy fog. You see almost nothing, but the sounds and the sweeping waves gives you an indication of the vast ocean behind the fog. 

Catching dinner

Despite the strange weather there was a lot of fish i the fjord. Most of them to small, so we let them back out. Saving only some small Hvítseiður (Pollachius Lubbe) for the wild cats. Our final dinner was a perfectly camouflaged brown flat fish, about 40 cm long with a lovely white underside. We got really excited because flounder is supposed to be a really tasty fish.

Fresh dinner for us and the wild cats

Common Dab recipe, two people

1 common dab, cooked whole with lemon and salt. Sliced top skinn. 
3 Tomatoes
1 Red Onion
2 Garlic cloves
Fresh parsely
Salt (Maldon)

Cook in the oven for 30-40 min