Woolly and  Warm

The faroese wool is the very best. And, no wonder! I have seen a lot more sheep than people during my stay in this wonderful country. 

I've always had a close connection to wool. When it is winter in Norway I imagine a whole nation of mothers, standing in their hallways squeezing children into thick woolen sweaters. They impatiently dance around, desperate to go out and play in the snow. Wool is fantastic. It is the only material that keeps you warm even when wet. And if that's not good enough to make you love wool, then it's worth remembering that this natural material comes from something as wonderful as a sheep.

Faroese Wool: Snældan

Faroese Wool: Snældan

With all these good wool memories in mind, I thought that during our stay in "the sheep" islands (In Danish, the name Færøerne translates as "the islands of sheep.") I had to learn to knit a patterned wool sweater!

Long tradition of knitting warm wooly jumpers

The Faroese have a long knitting tradition. In the old days the Faroese worked outside all summer,  mostly with fishing and keeping sheep. But when darkness and winter storms ravaged the land, they spent time indoors, and knitting was common practice. The Faroese knitted sweaters have all sorts of patterns and many of the best known Scandinavian patterns originates from the Faroe Islands. The Faroe Islands are well known for their fisherman-jumper. Knitted with multiple colours to make the jumpers warm and water resistant.

Finding the right knitting pattern for me

During the first few weeks that we stayed here, we were at several music festivals and true to tradition, the Faroese still wear wool when they are outdoors. I had several occasions to peek at all the gorgeous patterns that exist here. After several days of great music, lots of beer and sneaky peeks, I decided on a pattern with a traditional small repeated pattern. This was my very first sweater with a pattern! Not only are they extra warm when using two strands, it will also be extra nice to look at!

After many hours working the knitting needles, my first patterned sweater is now finally finished. I am infinitely proud of my first sweater.