The sheep island

The Faroe Islands are green, lush and inviting, especially this time of year. In summer time the islands are covered with bright green grass. Inviting both people and animals to its steep hills. The Faroe Islands are well known for the high number of sheep that roam the land and it is said that the meaning of the name Faroe Islands can be traced back to the Old Norse word fær (sheep). In other words; The sheep Islands. At Let's Go Slow we love animals and this post is a collection of all our best encounters with the Wild Faroese sheep.

Wild Sheep on Faroe Island. Photographed in Søldarfjørður on Eysturoy

Wild Sheep on Faroe Island. Photographed in Søldarfjørður on Eysturoy

Wild sheep

We love animals, but we have extra space in our heart for the Faroese sheep. They blend in so well with the landscape, and the landscape is shaped by the their endless grazing. There is a synergy happening right before your eyes. Sheep, meat and wool has always been important for the Faroese people and it still is. Some of the best meals we had on the islands were based on lamb and we must have knitted with wool from at least two sheep during our stay.

They are so well adapted and characteristic for the Faroe Islands that we had to make a blog post in honour of them.

Photo gallery with pictures of sheep on the Faroe Islands. 

Funny, but unexpected hiking company

During our 6 month stay on the Faroe Islands, we traveled to many rural, small places. Often you do not see other people for hours when you're out walking. In your mind you're all alone, walking upwards with sweat running down your back, but suddenly you hear a scream. Not a silly little scream, more like a man shouting from the bottom of his lungs. The sound of something terribly wrong. You turn and expect disaster. Horrible scenes flash past, before you realise that the scream is just a sheep. A silly sheep who is stuck behind a rock or got lost from the pack (we believe they sometimes scream just for fun too). Not what you would expect walking in the mountains, but quite funny when you get used to them. 

Unexpected company when we went to see the famous view in Gásadalur

Unexpected company when we went to see the famous view in Gásadalur

Our top 3 memorable sheep encounters in the Faroe Islands

1. Svinoy

There are less than ten people living on this Island and the sheep live like kings. They sleep on door steps, eat from gardens and you can always see a wooly head or bum around the next corner. This is also the only place we were able to cuddle a sheep

2. Mykines

Everything is stunning on Mykines, but the wild sheep with the dramatic backdrop was mind blowing. They are often sleeping on the path, but move away when you get close. 

3. Gásadalur

The sheep sneak up on you and if you're lucky you'll get one of their curious heads popping in to your photo. They are quite tame and used to people coming and going during the summer season. Remember to close the gate!

Curious panda sheep on Svínoy

Curious panda sheep on Svínoy