Norway: #1 Happiest country in the world, 2017

Norway: #1 Happiest country in the world, 2017

The world happiness report listed Norway as the #1 happy go lucky country for 2017!  Despite the price decline in oil and other challenges, Norway is the happiest country in the world. This report might not be a life changer, but Norwegians are always happy to beat Denmark (as a part of our friendly neighborhood competition) for the first place (they won in 2016)! Especially after all the "hygge" attention created around Denmark last autumn.With this happy occasion in mind we would like to give you some slow adventures, with Norwegian happiness as inspiration!

A natural strong connection to the land

Norway is a country that still has a strong connection to the land. Most people use the outdoors multiple times per week and all children are sent outside despite the weather. 

Happy Norwegians 

We can't say with certainty that being outdoors is what makes Norwegians happy, but for us slow travelers, a strong nature connection is an important happiness factor. Going outside and enjoying fresh air and spending quality time together. Let's Go (Happy) Slow!

If you didn't catch the wave of "hygge" last autumn see this video on to find out more.